Day 41: Reaching for Satisfaction (Music-Sharing Edition)

Today I sat at the cafe and blissed out for three hours writing, something I absolutely love doing. At one point I realized it wasn’t the topic I was writing about (which happened to be investing) that was important so much as how the topic was feeling. In other words, I was having fun, so I kept it up. And because it felt good, I know it was good for me 🙂 That’s how I am learning to think of things these days.

It’s not the subject, it how it feels. It doesn’t matter if you are focused on sea shells or on building an empire. If you are feeling good while they are doing it, I say keep doing it! Again and again I’m reminded about this. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” “I’m not hearing your words, I’m listening to your music.” Your mood as you do something is everything!

On this blog, I write about running and investing and being creative and personal growth. Yet I know that it’s not so much the topics I choose that matters to me. What matters is that I let myself explore, pursue and revel in personal happiness with everything I write! I aim to follow satisfaction and curiosity, like Alice going down the rabbit hole. As I wrote a few years ago,

I pick topics I am curious about, things I’m already thinking about. I write for the sake of exploring ideas, constructing satisfying sentences, and learning how I think about things. I also write for the sake of expression, which is inherently satisfying.

Day 296: The Musician Not Writing About Music

The title of that blog post actually reveals a lot. During my first 365 Day Blogging Project, most of my posts were not about music because I wasn’t inspired to go in that direction. I just wasn’t feeling that. As I wrote,

 Believe me, as soon as I can feel stimulated, joyful, excited, and satisfied about promoting my music career, I am sure I will do that too! In the meantime, I’m just enjoying myself by doing what is working. I am choosing to go where the water is flowing, and not worry about where it is not.

Day 296: The Musician Not Writing About Music

The water was just not flowing in the direction 🙁 . No problem! It flowed in plenty of other directions, so that’s where I went. I still enjoy writing about non-music topics.

I’m happy to see that since starting up the daily blog once again a month ago, I’m noticing a shift. As I told my friend Rick recently, there are currently twenty posts under the category of “Original Music” on this blog. That’s not a lot compared to nearly seven-hundred posts that are on here! However, ten of those posts (that’s half of them!) come from the last month and a half. This includes nine posts where I shared new original music:

Looks like the water is flowing nowadays regarding sharing original music 🙂 I’m feeling ease and joy around this area, so I’m going with it.

However, as always it’s not the topic that I’m reaching for. It’s the satisfaction!

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