Day 155: Blissing out at the Cafe

Tonight’s post is dedicated to one of my favorite places to go when I want to get into a positive head space: the neighborhood cafe.

The particular place I like to go seems to always be bustling with life. Today was no exception: the moment I got there there, there happened to be a line going all the way to the door, and very few chairs visibly available. In fact, I think I saw a few people standing, while the usual assortment of cafe-goers sat reading, writing, talking, or otherwise working.

There is something about the bustling nature of this place that does a good thing for my mind. Most of the time, I have quietly done my thing while enjoying the atmosphere. By “my thing,” I’m referring to showing up with a writing journal– yes, a physical writing journal– and writing out my thoughts. This is something I started doing at this cafe last year, and it has generally been a very wonderful experience.

I sit there and write for as long as I need to. At the most, it’s usually a couple of hours. I tend to have the kind of stream-of-consciousness dialog I sometimes have used for these blog posts: complete with “My Higher Self” as a point of view of constant positive energy commenting as I ask it questions or simply talk about what’s going on in my life.

There is a profoundly positive thing that often happens when I do this: my mood lifts, my thoughts start to go directly into inspiration and well-being territory, and I feel fantastic. This is what happened to me today.

Believe me, I do not take this experience lightly! I spent years yearning for ways to bring my head space into the positive territory like this (the dark side of this is that I spent years with my head routinely in negative territory!). That I have found a way to accomplish this on a fairly consistent basis is a real treat.

Today I was so grateful to have this means of getting myself into a great space like that. I was grateful to have a place that I can go and, after spending only a few bucks on a coffee or a tea, I can bliss out for as long as I like. These sojourns have often been a wonderful respite from my daily routine. And for a man who routinely deprived himself of things he wanted going back to childhood, it feels like a wonderful gift that I am giving myself.

I think such gifts are invaluable. We humans need to have time for ourselves, to put on our own oxygen mask, so to speak. Otherwise, what do we have to give others? I find that taking a little time like this helps rejuvenate me, and put me back into the positive space that I so love to be in. This in turn helps me in my home life, in my daily tasks, and in my work.

At one point today, when I was sitting there writing away pen and ink style (and probably just about the only person not using a computer), a barista came over and commented on how happy and peaceful I looked as I sat in front of a potted tree that was up against the wall. I told her thanks, and that I love trees.

What I didn’t tell her was that I love blissing out there, grateful to have a little time to commune with my own thoughts and raise them up.

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  1. I’m feeling blissed out reading your post, reliving, re-membering what you describe so well, the inner and out space (peace) I’ve felt writing at coffee shops like the one you were at. I especially like the barista’s comment about you and your response, sitting in front of a potted tree!

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