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The Importance of Being Ready

Most of my life I put incredible pressure on myself. I forced myself to step into challenging situations and grow and strive. And I learned a lot from it all, yet ultimately, after all of the striving and struggling and stressing and hoping and shouldering the burden of a thousand expectations, I learned that concentrating […]

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Reaching for Satisfaction: Creativity Edition

Since starting up this blog again ten days ago–actually, for several months now–I have been thinking about what, exactly, this blog means to me. More importantly, whether I’m blogging or doing something else creatively, I have been searching for what I want to do next. It may turn out to be blogging specifically. It may […]

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The Ghost of Elvis

Every day I show up to the page and see what it has for me. I say this literally, and I say this figuratively. The “page” might be this keyboard, it might be the journal I’m currently writing in. It might be the piano I am playing, it might be the music program on my […]

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The Closet Renaissance Man Calls Out that Old Nasty

Earlier this month I mentioned the Benjamin Franklin biography I read a few years ago. Since reading this book, Franklin has seemed to me the perfect example of someone who permitted himself to follow any and every interest without self-censoring, over-thinking, or stopping himself. He pursued every passion with complete commitment and abandon befitting the […]

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The Return of the Return of the Daily Blogger

It’s June 1st, 2020, and I’m ba-ba-ba-back, baby! I blogged every day in April and decided to take May off. The allure of the daily blog called to me, though, and by the middle of May, I was already planning on returning for June. This is not the first time I have re-started up my […]

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If You Tune In, the Ideas… Just Come.

Last December I started collaborating on a musical. My friend Matt had written the entire script, including lyrical drafts of almost all the songs. What he needed was a composer and tunesmith who could provide musical ideas as well as craft the lyrics into workable form. I began working over Christmas break. By March 1st, […]

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Your Creative Path of Least Resistance

Recently I asked myself, “What am I getting out of writing this blog?” Here are my thoughts: This blog has been a great way for me to express myself. In some ways, it has been just about the most successful creative project I’ve done. I spent too long being perfectionistic and worried about “how” to […]

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A Heartfelt Connection with My Audience

This afternoon I performed a solo piano show for an enthusiastic audience which I would nearly describe as raving fans. I have performed at this venue numerous times before, and there are always really cool aspects to it, such as: audience members who always get up and dance people who address me by name and […]

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Nothing a Little Music Couldn’t Help With

So today started out sort of strange. In the morning I felt a lot of nervous energy: there was a feeling of being in the flow, of being alive… yet of being slightly off-kilter about it. So a regular mixed bag, partly positive, partly not. I went through my day in this way, and needless […]

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Day 360: The Perfect Antidote to the Over Thinker

Creative improv is so fun. I love to improvise and create spontaneously.I am realizing more and more how much I work this way in many ways. I do it when I rap, I do it when I play piano, I do it when I write, and of course, I do it when I improvise comedy […]