Hello. My name is Chris Goslow, and I am a professional musician, composer, and piano teacher.

In the Spring of 2016, I began this blog.  Initially, it was a sort of expressive free-for-all, where I blurted out just about every suppressed thought that I felt I needed to put down in the spirit of free expression.  This was fun and entertaining for awhile, and it sort of petered out after a few months, partly because I got more focused on other things, such as developing my piano teaching business.

For awhile, the blog sat inactive, yet I frequently thought about it.  Awhile after that, I began a new blog to discuss money and being an artist.  That began to peter out a bit as well.  So my blogging ambitions sat dormant, until a year ago, when I got the urge to start it up again.

This time, the idea really stuck: I would do a daily blog post for an entire year, with no restrictions on subject matter or length, and no perfectionistic writing standards.  This idea took off, and on August 3rd, 2019, I finished my first ever 365 Day Blogging Project.

Now I am embarking on Year Two of my daily blog, with a lot of momentum and enthusiasm from my first year of daily writing (and posting).  I’m excited to see what will come of the next phase of this rewarding personal project!

Note: though I’m writing this blog mainly for myself, because I enjoy writing and expressing myself, I always write with the hope that what I write will be interesting for other people.  Thank you for reading!

A piece of random inspiration: here’s a picture I drew a long time ago in one of my rhyming journals

2016-05-06 22.38.40