Day 24: “The Truth Behind the Lie” (Original Music)

One thing I love about doing my daily compositions is how they can perfectly channel my mood. Yesterday I wrote something very calm and positive. Apparently I was quite a bit moodier today, as this somber/dark atmospheric piece came out. Creating music is cathartic for me, and it is awesome how I can transmutate raw emotion that I might not even realize is underneath into a piece of music.

Enjoy “The Truth Behind the Lie” 🙂

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4 Thoughts to “Day 24: “The Truth Behind the Lie” (Original Music)”

  1. Hello. This music is great. I am so pleased to hear of your creative effervescence. I can see parallels with my experience; I blog, though about my spiritual awakening, and I am an intermediate student of Jazz Piano and have just started putting it out there onto Sound Cloud. I wanted to do this in my teens, and a spent other career later, I am doing it in my 60s. The creative flow is such a great place to be and we grow in the flow, and by sharing. I look forward to exploring your site and posts more. Best Wishes.

    1. Chris

      Hi Tony, it’s great to hear from you! It seems you get the spirit of my blog. I’m listening to your tracks on Soundcloud.
      Excellent beat and energy, great “dance music”.
      Thanks for reaching out,

      1. Thank you Chris for replying. Best wishes.

      2. Thank you, Chris, for replying. Best wishes.

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