Day 13: The Music Composition Train Rolls On… (featuring “The Sleepy Blues Bullfrog”)

I have been composing a new composition each day for a month and a half now using Logic on my computer. I have been loving it 🙂

It’s been incredibly fun to experiment with different sounds and styles: from classical strings to bluesy brass, from upbeat piano to Eastern instruments. A couple of weeks ago, I played some of my pieces for my mom, who is always very interested in my creativity and supportive of it. As we were listening to the music, I was proud of the eclecticism and variety of the music.

Today I am sharing a piece I did at the beginning of the week, a sample of the music composition train as it rolls on…

“The Sleep Blues Bullfrog” is a blues piece all the way. The trumpet and string parts loop several times, and over that I improvised a bluesy piano solo followed by a trombone solo as the music fades out.

Such fun! Enjoy

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