Day 1: Keep Calm and Blog On

It’s been six months since I wrote a blog post, and, with a bit of trepidation, I am announcing a new 365 Day Blogging Project! For today’s launch, I thought I would share some current thoughts on what blogging means for me.

  • If life is a constant state of evolution, I like to think this blog captures mine with its daily snapshots of personal expression.
  • This blog is a great platform for me to express what makes me feel good, what I’m learning, how I’m expanding, and what I’m coming to appreciate.
  • The simple effectiveness of this daily blog is like nothing I find anywhere else. I just do it, without waiting for the reward. There’s no stress, but instead a completely satisfying act of sharing for its own sake. And though there might be some negative self-judgment now and then ( “Is this stupid to write a blog just for myself?” “Hardly anyone reads this..what’s wrong with me?”), the overall feeling is of freedom from attachment while sharing who I am with the world. That is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • My head is a herd of thought-form buffaloes: vigorous desires, restless worries, mighty ambitions, baseless concerns, and ceaseless expectations. I do what I can to tame these beasts, yet they stampede across the prairie of my conscious mind regardless. On this blog, I sort of feel like I can corral them a bit, move them in a constructive direction by articulating them. This makes me feel better.
  • My vision is big. It is sometimes hard for me to keep up with. On this blog, I don’t have to. I simply make note of it. I share it with you, My Constant Reader, and something cathartic happens for me. In the process, perhaps it inspires or uplifts you, too.
  • The blog is a witness of what’s in my brain. I am very glad to have something like this.

Keep calm and blog on 🙂

p.s. Today’s blog is a lot like a post from early this year. The more things change..

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