Day 29: “She Will Be Loved” (Original Music)

Here we are on Day 29 of my 365 Day Blog. Coinciding with that, I am also on day 60 or so of my daily composing, which I started in June. It has been so glorious to write music. Every single day, I sit down and start experimenting.

Today’s piece is a big orchestral idea, like a dramatic passionate film score. I don’t think I executed it perfectly, but the big sweeping idea is awesome. I love the experimentation and I am always learning!

My wife suggested that the piece (and title) suggests this is a sweeping heroic melody, perhaps the heroine is on a long and arduous journey… searching to fine love within herself šŸ˜‰

Enjoy “She Will Be Loved”

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One Thought to “Day 29: “She Will Be Loved” (Original Music)”

  1. I’m on an adventure, a musical journey as I listen and appreciate these original compositions by Chris Goslow. I love the piano accompanied by the other instruments, especially the tuba,. What an exotic elephant of sound!

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