Will Let You Know

Well, well, well… here we are. It seems I have found myself writing my blog on a daily basis once again 🙂

Without any fanfare and without specifically addressing it, I started up the personal reflection machine that is myhappinessobsession.com mid-month.

It has been cool so far.

Today I have been looking around on this site, and…

  • I updated my Complete Post Index.
  • I read some smart posts from last year about Uncertainty (here and here).
  • I read the first post I wrote during the Pandemic, which I found very sensible.

Overall, I am appreciating the many intelligent posts I have on here. I’m not trying to “toot my own horn” or brag. In fact, I think I have quite the opposite problem! I think there is a lot of great content on here, and thus far I haven’t done much with it beside post it (and share on FB; lately I’ve shared on Twitter a few times).

This is fine. The process of doing this blog has been very rewarding for me. One of the reasons it has worked so well is that I have always done it completely on my terms 🙂

When I did the 365-Day Blogging Project, expression was the primary goal. Also, it was a big deal to post something everyday. At any rate, I allowed myself to go through my process as it was then.

Fast-forward to now. A new me, an expanded me. Writing a blog post everyday is not inherently an accomplishment anymore, since I’ve done that. Nor is being expressive through writing.

I find myself wanting to do more… allow more… be more.

So I am searching, I am feeling my way.

And that searching brought me to start this blog up again. But my objectives have changed.

I’m still feeling for the next steps that will achieve what I’m looking for now. Will let you know.

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