Day 34: Creating a Legacy… One Thought at a Time

Last night I spent a few minutes reading over some of my prior blog entries for this 365 Day Blogging Project.  One thing that struck me was the variety of types of subjects and topics I have written about so far.   Maybe it’s just how my mind works, but variety tends to please me (Incidentally, the same is true of my performances, which tend to be quite musically eclectic).  Perhaps it’s satisfying to be unexpected.  More likely, it’s the natural result of choosing whatever is on my mind at the moment.

I have been writing all my life, but this is first time I’m doing a project like this.   Every single day I’m composing something….  and then sharing it.   This little bit of sticking my neck out means that I each day I get to plan how I am going to express my thoughts.  Although I’m doing this project for personal reasons, my hope is that what I write will come across as coherent and interesting to whomever stumbles upon it.

As my daily scribbles add up, I feel like I’m leaving behind a little trail of bread crumbs (like a regular Hansel and Gretel).  Each day represents a different crumb.  The crumbs are all distinct, and usually of unique ingredients fitting for that day: some are rye, some are wheat, some banana bread, some have chocolate chips, some are topped with PB & J, some are made with a secret recipe (!).  Yet what they have in common is that they work together to create a line that goes back in time… stretching back a little over a month ago so far.  In time, they will stretch across a whole year!

Penning my thoughts is a satisfying way to give cohesion to the formless mental activity in my head (Side note: it’s also a great way to hone my writing abilities). In the end, we all leave a legacy with the lives we lead.  Hopefully this blog project will leave a worthwhile or at least interesting legacy of one man’s thoughts over the course of a year.

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