Day 314: Observations on this blog

Tonight I’ll be quick about it.

I have been thinking about my blog. Here’s some general observations I have made recently:

  • I’m funny! In my writing there’s a lot of quirky turns of phrases and moments of humor. I had always thought of myself as very academic and serious, cerebral and all that. But that’s not what I read. I read it as smart, perceptive, quirky, and… fun!
  • The daily writing works because I generally don’t overthink the posts. I was talking to someone today who said they “wouldn’t have time for a blog,” and I said, “Well, you use the time you have. I have spent 3 hours on a blog post and I have spent 10 minutes.”
  • I love writing! It is an expression where I feel at home, where I feel increasingly myself… even more so now, after doing this blog project.
  • Writing is transforming my life for the better. This blog in combination with my cafe writing have truly been a godsend. I have been able to articulated things I had never thought so clearly, I have gained new insight and wisdom, and I have gotten clearer on my own experience, thoughts, and feelings than ever before.
  • Projects work when they suit you. That’s why this blog has worked so well. The flexibility lets me write about anything I want, the lack of writing requirements helps.
  • It has worked to keep this blog low-profile. I have felt complete lack of pressure to get “results,” and this has given me total expressive freedom.
  • It has done me a lot of good to “show up to work” each day. Having an outlet, a self-assigned job to do, where I articulate something reasonably coherent and empowered, this has been really fun.

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