Day 69: Showing Up for Work

Since the beginning of doing this 365 Day Blogging Project, my attitude was that doing my daily post was like showing up for work. In other words, I aimed to keep a professional, positive attitude, with the intention of writing something that would be interesting for people to read, that could be of service.  Instead of this being like some journal entry I post online, I aim to make it something that can be worthwhile for other people to read.  Part of this is the fact that I am, after all, putting myself out there for anybody to read if they should choose, and I want others to think well of me if possible!  🙂

So while the main intention has always been simply getting my daily writing and sharing done, I am aware of having an audience of people (albeit mostly friends and family on Facebook so far).  It matters to me that I come from a positive or empowered place, just as I do in my performances and piano lessons, or any gig I do.  My hope is that you, the reader, will come away from this thinking, “Hey, this guy is cool.  He is writing about something that matters to him, and I see value in it.”

After all, I think that we leave a trail of impact wherever we go.  My hope is that my impact is positive.  Also, having this daily “gig” actually helps me stay in a positive space, because I know that each day I “have to produce” something that I don’t mind sharing with others.  So literally, there are no throwaway days, or days that don’t count.

Each day I am showing up for work!

And now, just for fun, a poem about it:


“Showing Up for Work”

Each day as if I come to work

I aim to please, not be a jerk

I aim to learn and serve the world

And find within each day a pearl!

A chance to lay some wisdom there

I stand exposed, my soul is bare

My heart is open, mind is blank

And gingerly I walk the plank

And leap into the great abyss

And feel the good that comes from this

And take each moment, none to miss

This may be work, but work is bliss!!


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