Day 123: Five Months of Daily Composing

I have just completed five months in a row of daily composing. In that time, I have written over 100 new pieces (!), some of which I have shared here (including this and this).

It’s funny: as much as an accomplishment as I know this is, it really felt, well, easy (I wish I could say this about everything else in my life!). As I have written in the past, no matter what my mood, I seem to be able to sit down and write a melody.

As I did previously, I’m going to look under the hood and see what my thoughts about composing are:

“I enjoy composing. It’s fun. It’s easy. I always have an interesting idea to explore. Using the computer makes it fun and easy because of my digital orchestra. There are so many interesting sounds to use!”

Mood: excited, easy-going, enthusiastic, care free, inspired, confident, joyful.

Small wonder it keeps coming so easily. May it ever be so.

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