Day 19: Composing vs. Blogging, or How I Was Made to Make Music!

My daily compositions have been streaming out of me easily and joyfully for over fifty days. So far I have always found it easy to sit down at my computer in front of my keyboard and start a new project . On my computer is an Apple Music playlist of each piece with a date and time on its title (this is a default setting for sharing from Logic onto Apple Music). Today, I scanned the titles and realized that only four of them (in over fifty) were finished after 5pm (the latest was 6:30pm). Many of them were done late morning or early afternoon, and the average time was about 12-1pm.

For my blog posts it’s pretty much the opposite! Looking at my list of recent blog posts on WordPress, I see they were mostly published after 6pm. After 9pm is not uncommon! Here I am at 9:30pm and I’m still working on this post. Again, this is not uncommon. Meanwhile, the time I finished today’s composition? 10:50am.

Evidently I have an easier time getting my daily compositions done! This makes me curious to compare my attitudes and intentions about both projects. Maybe it will reveal something useful:

365 Day Blogging Project

Parameters of the project: Post a unique blog post each day for a year. Any topic or length. Doesn’t have to be perfectly edited.

Primary purpose of the project: to satisfy my writing urge, to practice articulating my thoughts on interesting topics, to take on a stimulating and winnable challenge, to share my thoughts with others, to express myself freely yet in an uplifting way, and to reach continually for greater clarity and personal happiness.

The intended use of each daily post: I don’t know that I have any intended destination for each post other than sharing it that day. I like the idea of having a compilation of my thoughts if I want to go back to them or if I ever want to do something more ambitious with them.

Who I am writing for: I guess I write for my own satisfaction. But having a few supporters cheering me on really helps.

My attitude about this project: “Well, I have a lot of ideas and I do love writing. And there’s something about having to share it with others that I like. It sorta helps make it happen, keeps me accountable I guess. It’s a challenge but overall is quite fun. ” “I get a bit self-conscious sometimes about doing it, but all in all, it is really fun. Perhaps a bit scary, like walking a tightrope before a live studio audience.”

My mood about this Project: thoughtful, self-conscious, curious… pleased (?), tense (?),

Other Notes: When I’m sharing my writing, I generally want to sound “intelligent” and “positive.” I’m very mindful of what I say and want to do whatever I can to make sure it’s something I don’t mind having online.

Daily Composition

Parameters of the project: Each day, write a new piece of music at least one minute long using Logic Pro. The piece can be the germ of an idea for possible future expansion. No end date (started June 2022).

Primary purpose of the project: to practice composing and arranging using Logic Pro, to create a new body of work that I might use for future projects, to “up” my game of digital music production, to explore orchestral scoring, to develop myself professionally as a composer.

The intended use of each daily composition: I feel confident that something I write could end up in a future album, or who knows: a movie soundtrack, a video game, commercial, TV program, etc. I also feel patient about it and not worried that this has to happen right now.

Who I am writing for: I “know” there’s an audience for my music. the skills I gain from this project and even some of the specific music is intended to be shared with an audience.

My attitude about this project:

“Yippee! What fun we will have! Let’s see what happens!”

I really feel like every day is “FREE” day, and I am simply enjoying myself and exploring.

I also feel confident and free, like I can “do no wrong.”

My mood about this Project: enthused, energized, joyful, happy, expressive, delighted, relaxed, confident, curious.

Other Notes:

–Wow, my attitude about the composing seems so much more positive!


Essentially, the daily compositions have a professional intention behind them…. and yet it seems like I’m having more fun (?). Maybe that’s because I don’t feel the pressure of having to share each piece? Whereas, the daily blogging has a personal intention…. yet I feel the pressure (a good pressure I think, or else I wouldn’t keep doing it) of sharing it. Maybe that’s the difference?

I definitely have different approaches about the two projects. The compositions don’t have to be completely fleshed out. As long as the piece is 1 minute, I feel like I’m doing the “assignment” that day. Whereas with the blog there’s this necessity of posting, so I generally want to edit them and make them sound intelligent. I wouldn’t want to NOT post my blog posts, whereas I don’t feel I need the accountability of posting my compositions.

The composition process seems grounded creative confidence and exploration, whereas the blogging seems more grounded in awareness of how I am communicating to my audience (a self-consciousness). There’s a sense of labor to the blog posting, and a sense of ease to the composing.

My biggest takeaway from this is how I was made to make music! 🙂

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