Day 91: Ongoing Furnace of Creativity

I have been composing daily for four months. In that time, there have been many ups and downs in my mood and mindset. Sometimes I felt great, sometimes not so much. Sometimes I felt very clear-headed, sometimes I felt muddled and confused. Despite this daily fluctuations for me personally, each day I have been able to sit down and come up with some new composition idea with relative ease.

As I wrote a little while ago, the blogging didn’t always come with the same ease. In fact, many times it’s been a relief to be able to share a composition instead of writing a post that day! So far, it has seemed that I am able to turn on the musical creativity no matter what.

This is incredibly exciting for me. Looking backward in time, I can see the signs of this ongoing furnace of creativity eager to put out heat. I certainly had inklings that sitting at the computer making music felt natural to me.

I have four months of compositions saying as much.

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