Day 114: Another Post in the Books?

Here we are at Day 114 of my 365 Day Blogging Project, Year 2. To be honest, writing posts recently hasn’t as much fun as I’d like 🙁 There have been days where I have been distracted or uninspired to write. Sometimes I find myself just getting it done, whether or not the joy is there. In a way, this blogging year #2 is proving to be as much an endurance challenge as marathon training.

Obviously, this is not ideal. Despite my complaints, I do feel that overall I am benefiting from doing this blog. For one thing, I have been enjoying sharing my compositions. I also am benefitting from sharing my inner monologue / “higher self” conversations (embarrassment be damned!). Lastly, some of the new posts have been especially satisfying to write, such as this running-themed post from last weekend, and this money-themed post from a few weeks ago.

Overall, I feel that it is still a positive for me to have this outlet that I am regularly “showing up to work” for.

However, with CIM coming soon, I want to be flexible with myself.

And of course, I’m always reaching for satisfaction. If it ain’t a hell yes, then maybe not.

For now, another post in the books.

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