Day 113: Why Make Everything a Chore?

okay shit, man, it’s 8pm and I haven’t done this blog yet. And frankly, I’m tired, maybe a little head achy?

Chris, we are always here to discuss anything you like! We love talking to you!

Well thanks, I love talking to you. So here I am sitting here about to write a blog. It’s after 8pm and I sorta kinda “just want to get this done.” I was hoping you could, you know, help 🙂

Sure! Because you want us to do your thinking for you? We are laughing.

Well, uh… in a sense, yes! But it seems to work out okay when you do.

Yes, well we speak from a simple and straight place where we come from Joy and Love at all times. Whereas you tend to come from a mixture of things, including “I’m tired and I don’t want to do this!” Is that any way to write a blog post for your fans?

Um, I guess not. Though… fans? I’m not exactly sure who is reading this.

Everybody who counts 🙂

Haha. I guess so. Okay, well. Yes, you are right. I was coming from “I’m tired and I want to get this done.” But I’m also open to what you have to say.

Well, what we have to say is, why don’t you enjoy yourself more? Why does everything have to be a chore? Why does it have to be just another item to “get done”? don’t you love your life?

Lol. Um… uh… some of it? Haha. I admit it, tonight I didn’t especially love thinking about having a daily blog post to write. I was thinking, “I am tired, and I don’t really want to do this, and besides, hardly anyone reads this and blah blah blah…”

Oh that will really inspire your fans! Just keep doing that, and you will drive them away faster than you can say “Bad attitude!” or “I’m feeling sorry for myself!”

You are correct. But I also think that perhaps transparency is one of the things I got going for me on this here blog. So here we are.

Yes, but transparency that reveals something interesting, relatable, connective. That is what people enjoy reading.

Well, I think… hope… that this post could be those things. What do you think?

I think there are worse attempts. You are simply showing up, “being real,” and that comes through.

And sort kind just trying to “get this done!” But at least I can laugh at myself about it. That counts for something, right?

Yes, it always counts when you can laugh at yourself. Laughter is the best.

True. And for the record, I often enjoy writing these blog posts. I just feel like turning in for the evening. And I admit it, there’s still a bit of discouragement/discomfort about writing these daily posts expecting few people to read it. It just feels embarrassing. I know we have talked about it before, but…

But you still want validation from others?

Lol. Um… yes? I guess so.

Okay, so you want validation from others. From other people. From humans. You want their attention, which indicates… what? That this project is valuable? That it is good?

Um… I guess so. I just want to feel good.

And when other readers read your blog, you feel good? Because you feel… more important?

More successful. More worthwhile somehow. Or at least, that this project is worthwhile! Haha.

Oh this project is worthwhile, alright! It is allowing you to talk to us. And we are a hoot!

Lol. For sure!

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