Day 90: 1100 Miles and Counting

This morning I ran another 5.3 miles. That makes 130 miles for the month of September and 1100 miles so far for 2022.

One of the things I’m most pleased with this year is my consistent running. When 2022 started, I was still picking myself up from last year’s CIM and my glorious “marathon year.” With my CIM run, I achieved a goal I had in mind since 2019. What’s more, not only did I get a good time for the run, I had a good time during it.

This was truly amazing, and I had a truly awesome running year. However, I experienced acute post-marathon blues afterwards. I had trained nearly all year long and experienced fulfillment as an athlete as well as physical fitness like no other time in my life. After spending time on the mountaintop, so to speak, it was difficult to adjust to life off it. Also, I had gotten quite attached to the marathon training program I was in. I trained with a group of runners for six months. This became my primarily social group during Pandemic Year #2. When the program ended, I went through painful emotional withdrawal and was at odds for quite awhile.

For these reasons, and a few others I won’t go into, my headspace as 2021 began was precarious to say the least. Happily, I decided early on that I was going to keep putting in the miles.

Here are my mileages for the first nine months of the year:

Month (2022)MileageDays RunHighlights
January 11523
March11621Ran Shamrock’n Half Marathon
April14422Ran Parkway Half Marathon
June11117Started Galloway’s Marathon Training Program
July11318Ran Davis Moonlight Run
August12118Ran 17-miler
September136 18Ran 20-miler and 23-miler

This is the first year where I have run over a hundred miles (and quite a lot more) every month. Last year I ran 1489 miles. Let’s see how close I can get to that in 2022 🙂

Once again, slow and steady wins the race… and adds up those miles!!

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