Day 262: Answers to Quality Questions

Tonight I perused older blog posts to inspire me for tonight’s post. I always enjoy looking over my old posts, and not just because they are mine. I enjoy looking over the posts because I always find interesting ideas, fresh writing, and a positive mentality that inspires me right now as I read it! That is one of the things I set in place when I began daily blogging: a length trail of digital bread crumbs of insight and positivity 🙂

On that note, I found this interesting post listing quality questions for personal happiness. I wrote the post in April 2020, when the you-know-what hit the fan and the world was suddenly sheltered in place. I decided to answer a few of the questions right now.

Answers to Quality Questions for Personal Happiness

(from “Quality Questions for Personal Happiness,” April 18, 2020)

  • What is going well in my life?

So much! Blogging, Running, Marriage, Teaching, My Buddies, Reading, Money Management, Studying the Law of Attraction, Soothing my head and Reaching for Alignment, Composing

  • What do I especially appreciate?

There is so much in my life to appreciate. One thing in particular I love is composing. I have had so many fun times writing music on the computer in the past year. And it is a delight now to be scoring old film clips.

  • Who am I grateful for?

While there are many people I am grateful for, I especially appreciate my wife, my parents, my piano students, my buddies Dave, Rick, and Erik. I also appreciate my brother.

  • What is one memory that I can think of right now that brings joy to me and a smile to my face?

Early in my first 365 Day Blogging Project, I wrote a post about “The Shawshank Redemption.” I remember writing a draft of that, then spending time at the cafe, after which I came home and finished editing the post. The whole time, I was filled with appreciation and joy at the triumph of taking on my daily blog.

  • What am I proud of about myself?

I am proud that I am persistent, that I accomplish things through the “slow-and-steady” approach. I am proud that I do this blog. I am proud of my teaching studio. I am proud to be happily married. I am proud to be an investor. I am proud to be a reader, a runner, and a composer. I am proud that I do what feels best for myself in life.

  • What is one success I am especially proud of?

My solo marathon, run on April 18, 2021!

  • How can I reframe problems as opportunities?

Well, I think that my problems, if I would even call them that, are HUGE opportunities to continue reaching for joyful thoughts and mastering my mentality. Since I create my reality, that means if I am experiencing less than what I want, it’s because of my own thinking. Therefore, I have the opportunity to refine my thinking and allow in what I want. I also get the opportunity to be nicer to myself along the way, and make peace with where I am.

  • What are five things I especially appreciate about myself?
  1. That I’m pretty comfortable with my own foibles and eccentricities.
  2. That generally I am a badass finisher who always follows through.
  3. That I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and think I understand what matters in life (trust, love, self-expression, integrity, joy)
  4. That I’m better than ever at honoring myself
  5. That I left this great trail of blog posts to peruse and get inspiration from!

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