365 Days of Blogging Project: Day 1

So I have decided to create a 365 day blogging project.  This is probably inspired by the movie “Julie and Julia,” which my wife and I watched for the first time in awhile a few weeks ago.

The difference between this blogging project and the blogging project in the movie is that I have no particular topic or guiding goal or principal, such as cooking through Julia Child’s book on French cooking or whatnot.  Instead, this project is simply about expression… written expression.  It is about forcing myself, in perhaps the easiest way i know how, to get out of my own way when it comes to writing, and share stuff!

I say “the easiest way I know how” because I feel that this format frees me up from worrying about having to write something “good.”  This gives me permission simply to express my thoughts in written form and share them, in a format where there is a clear record.

My secret goal here is to help liberate myself from old perfectionistic tendencies and make sharing my written thoughts a bigger part of my life.  Also, I just like the idea of liberation generally.  By completing this project, I think I will grow as an artist, as a writer, as an expresser.

To be clear, I have no specifications I need to meet other than to publish a post every day.  I could spend 10 minutes on it, I could spend hours on it.  It could be perfectly edited, or it could be shit edited (the dubious grammar of that statement was intentional).

So let the fun begin!


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2 Thoughts to “365 Days of Blogging Project: Day 1”

  1. Tammie Wing

    What a wonderful idea! Have fun with it Chris 🙂

    1. Chris

      Thank you Tammie, I’m glad you can appreciate it.

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