Day 189: Tonight’s Appreciations

Well, this is the third time I’m using “Tonight’s Appreciations” as a blog post title. For whatever reason, I have a “thing” about wanting to vary my titles. It just seems important! However, tonight’s post is very much the same idea as the previous two times (here and here), so I shall not quibble over minutiae. I just want to make things easy, so what better way than to create a list of things I’m appreciating?

Things I’m Appreciating

  • Having a good talk with a buddy who is excellent at music engineering and mixing. I got some good tips on how to improve the quality of my sounds in my compositions (ie the strings, horns, etc). Shout out to Josh!
  • Going on a 30 minute jog today after a positive session with the chiropractor, who says I am progressing well. And I got to run!
  • Cleaning out our refrigerator this afternoon. And I don’t mean just taking old food out of it. I scrubbed and cleaned that thing… and it needed it! Score for domestic beautification activities
  • My teaching studio, which is such a good match for who I am as a teacher, musician, and creative artist.
  • My wife… who loves me (and I her).
  • The fact that I have been getting back into reading!
  • Letting go of the marathon-level obsession with running. Letting myself heal. Enjoying my life more now that I am not so driven to run all the time (Note: I still love running! And I still love marathon training. Yet I am appreciating being in a different space now).
  • Discovering savings and investing, which matches perfectly with my slow-and-steady, Andy Dufresne-style approach to accomplishment and has helped provide much-appreciated peace of mind in our life.
  • The fresh start that the new year has given me. I am very much enjoying myself!

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