Day 140: Tonight’s Appreciations

To keep things simple tonight I shall make a list of things I am appreciating.

Here goes:

Things I am Appreciating 🙂

  • I appreciate listening to my compositions on my Apple Music playlist now as I type
  • I appreciate my good talk with a friend just now (Shout out to Rick!)
  • I appreciate my (I think) wise decision to take an extra day off running and instead go tomorrow morning
  • I appreciate being in my warm blanket/sweatshirt which we lovingly refer to as a “cozy.”
  • I appreciate having several good meals today!
  • I appreciate my wife 🙂
  • I appreciate the flexibility of this blog (including to write an appreciation list if I so choose)
  • I appreciate being kind to myself
  • I appreciate being able to manage my state and specifically to stay focused on the positive (such as things to appreciate!)
  • I appreciate life
  • I appreciate running
  • I appreciate Abraham-Hicks
  • I appreciate You

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