Day 116: Less About Content, More About Process

A couple of days ago I contemplated whether I wanted to keep doing this 365 Day Project. I did not make any decision to change course, and yesterday I compromised with a method that recently has helped in a pinch to make posting easy: sharing an original composition. Today I am glad I hung in there.

The fact is, a person goes through many mental and emotional spaces over the course of a year. Having 365 days in a row of posting makes it very likely that there will be days where I won’t feel like posting! I might be distracted, mentally cloudy, low energy, or simply uninspired. In those days, blogging can seem more like a chore than a joy πŸ™

On the other hand, there are other days where I am totally inspired to share something! Or I’m in a clear-headed mood (like today) and perfectly content to write a post. In this way, a daily blog really is like a continuous snapshot of the person doing the blogging. Inevitably it ends up being less about content and more about process. In other words, you are witnessing the process I am undergoing by doing the daily blog πŸ™‚

If this were a content-driven blog, I would probably post more conscientiously, choosing my topics well to illustrate a common theme. I would probably take a break on days where I wasn’t really feeling like blogging. The game I set up during 365 Day Blogging Year 1 is entirely about the process of contributing to a blog, day in and day out. Some days I’m more inspired than others. And I blog regardless.

Is this optimal? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes yes, sometimes perhaps not. Either way, overall the set up has worked for me. It is satisfying to “turn the spigot on” when I choose and then come up with a daily share, a sort of personal “show and tell.”

If I want, I can always turn it back off until I am ready to start up again.

I don’t think I’m ready to do that. For the moment, it’s helpful to acknowledge that sometimes it’s easier than at other times.

And with that, onward we go!

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