Day 63: I (still) love executing well-organized plans

(Photo by Charr Crail, aka Wifey, from today’s “Happy Hubby Chef Services” home-cooked meal)

A few years ago I wrote about how I love executing well-organized plans. Nothing’s changed. The last few days I’ve had the chance to draw upon that skill once again. After all, today I did my first 20 miler of the year! It went great, and there was much planning involved to make things (and myself, literally) run smoothly.

Here are the results I was aiming for:

  • Have a successful and enjoyable 20 miler with my friend Eric (who is training for the Berlin Marathon in a few weeks).
  • Prioritize rest and recovery after the run.
  • Smoothly handle the rest of my life.

By “the rest of my life,” I had a few special projects, including meeting a new student on Friday, recording a new welcome video for my teaching website (also on Friday), and creating a home-cooked meal for my wife today (as part of a monthly tradition I have been doing for her since last year*). In addition to these, I had the usual teaching-related correspondence and prep.

Oh. Did I mention I have a daily blog post and daily composing to do? Each day.

To make all these things happen and have a successful run AND a successful rest and recover afterward, I’ve had to be intentional, focused, and thorough the past few days.

Basically, I’ve had to take names!

  • Friday: (early morning) “bliss out” at cafe; (late morning) do house-related chores–garbage, sweeping; conduct teaching-related correspondence; eat; record new welcome video for my piano teaching studio, with my wife as videographer and director; finish daily composing and blogging; (afternoon) meet with new student at studio; choose recipe and assemble ingredients for today’s “Happy Hubby Chef Services” meal; put out running gear for Saturday’s run.
  • Saturday: (6am start) run 20 miler* with Eric; (late morning) breakfast at home; start daily composing and daily blog post; (early afternoon) cook “Happy Hubby” meal; have meal with “Happy Wife”; wash dishes; relax for a few; finish daily composing and now finish blog.
  • Sunday (tomorrow): CHILL.
  • Monday: Ease into new week. Feel good about well-executed plans 🙂

*I playfully named it “Happy Hubby Chef Services,” and first gave it to her as a Christmas present in 2020.

**Said run took nearly 4 hours!

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