Day 48: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

The defining characteristic of this blog is that I have always let it be whatever it is, whether or not that meets the conventional notions of success. Like an old gnarly tree that winds and contorts in strange shapes, this blog’s beauty is in the eye of this beholder. Sometimes it feels like an odd duck, perhaps even an ugly duckling. I’ll hear of someone who has tons of readers, 100,000 followers, or generates millions of dollars in revenue, and a little voice in my head says, “Man, why don’t you do that too? Why are you so unambitious?”

Well, the truth is, I am ambitious. It’s just that I channel my ambition differently. Doing my themeless blog makes sense for me. It has worked a lot better so far than trying to achieve the usual markers of success (revenue generated, number of visitors/subscribers/fans, sales numbers, etc). I see nothing wrong with those markers. When pursuing them feels like the logical next step, I will do that. For now, I’m having a dandy time achieving my unorthodox version of “success.”

Because if enjoyment equals success, I’m killing it!

Meanwhile, this blog continues to help me carve out new levels of self-acceptance, paving the way for further developments and breakthroughs.

A few years ago, I had this to write about it:

Nothing I do on this blog is 100% a business move… at the end of the day, this is a “personal expression blog.” And yet, I feel that by handling the business I handle here, the business of my life, and how I am happy in it, surely I am setting up the conditions for good things to come to me in all areas.

Day 122: My Non-Business Business Plan, from December 3, 2018

Amen, brother!

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