Day 122: My Non-Business Business Plan

As the end of 2018 draws near, I have been reflecting, as I am wont to do, on the year that has passed, and my personal progress in it.  In years past, this has usually been focused on meeting financial goals, how I did to expand my business, etc. While this has sometimes been enjoyable, usually there has been a lingering sense of foreboding, as my mind determined that I didn’t “do enough” to accomplish those big, hairy goals I set for myself.

This year has been different, as I have essentially been completely lax about marketing and business expansion.  Instead, my entire focus has been on creative expression and doing neat things like this blog post.

What are the things I am most proud of accomplishing this year?

This year has been the year of personal liberation!  This blog has been a huge part of it, believe me.   Every single day I write and post something on here, and each time I feel a sense of victory over the old worries that used to entangle me.

The funny thing is, though each of the activities listed above is not specifically a business-expansion strategy, I do feel strongly that the process I am engaged in will ultimately help me be more successful.  After all, happiness breeds success.  Self-acceptance, I’m sure, does too.  Even on a practical level, the ability to quickly and consistently come up with new material, in the form of these blogs… well, I’m sure that must have a business application!

Nothing I do on this blog is 100% a business move… at the end of the day, this is a “personal expression blog.” And yet, I feel that by handling the business I handle here, the business of my life, and how I am happy in it, surely I am setting up the conditions for good things to come to me in all areas.

The bottom line is, I am having fun.  And so I will continue on this satisfying creative journey.

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