Day 103: Ten Years of Love Songs

So I have been writing songs for my wife for her birthday since the first year we were together.  There have been many years where I also wrote a second song inspired in some way by our relationship. Some of these I have released, or at least put on video, and some I have not.

This year, I decided to revisit the very first birthday song I did for her.  I called it “A CWiggz! Birthday Surprise”  (CWiggz! is my rap stage name).  I took that song as the inspiration for a brand new song filled with brand new shenanigans.  I just created the video yesterday.  Take a look:

    • 2018 “Bagels and Chocolate Milk/Charr Birthday Surprise Reunion” (JUST POSTED TODAY… I made this video yesterday)

Clearly my relationship with my wife has been a huge source of inspiration for my creativity.  Here’s the complete list of ALL the songs I have written for her or about us (I included a video where one exists):

    • 2017 “Give In To Love”
    • 2016 “My Happy Ever After Girl”
    • 2015 “The Happiest Heart”
    • 2015 “Never Be Afraid to Fall in Love/ Pizza for Breakfast”
    • 2014 “We Walk This Road Together”
    • 2014 “My Thing of Beauty”
      • 2013 “Flower Child”

      • 2013 “When You’re With Me”

    • 2012 “You Are Loved”

    • 2012 “Here with You I’m Home”

    • 2011 “Our Love”
    • 2011 “Fearless Heart”

    • 2010 “Thank You Baby”

  • 2009 “Snuggle Bunny”
  • 2009 “Tickled Pink”
  • 2008 “A CWiggz! Birthday Surprise”
  • 2008 “You’re My Lover So Come On Over”
  • 20018 “Something Has Happened to Me (Maybe It’s Christmas”)

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2 Thoughts to “Day 103: Ten Years of Love Songs”

  1. Oh my gosh Chris, you are soooo creative, love it! Charr is so lucky!! 😉

    1. Chris

      Thank you, Katrina 🙂

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