The Writing Fool Keeps At It

I haven’t gone to the cafe for about a month. But that hasn’t stopped me from writing!

Of course, this has been true for years now. This year alone I’ve filled many journals (as well as many blog post, of course) with my thoughts. The picture above is just the journals I’ve finished since the Summer. I’ve probably averaged about one journal per three or four weeks.

The journal writing helps me focus. It’s nice to write in an actual physical journal. There are no emails to read, no updates to check, no distractions. Just me and the page.

I guess not much has changed since the third grade, when I also wrote a (school) composition book.

As an adult, I love thinking on the page. I use it to process my thoughts and feelings about things, to affirm what I want, to open myself to receiving insight, and to articulate and clarify aspects of my experience.

Recently, to make it more enjoyable, I have made some changes in my “office” (the front room of our flat, where I teach online and house all things musical, especially keyboards). By setting up a table with plenty of room not only to have the computer on it but also for me to sit at, in the mornings, I eat breakfast while listening to recordings and writing.* All while looking out on the street, which provides its own sort of inspiration: leaves on the ground, trees waving in the wind, cares and people passing by.

I may not be going to the cafe, but the “blissing out” has been continuing as best I can manage it, anyway.

At the very least, it’s occurring each and every day on the page 🙂

* Running also continues to be a great way to set me up to stay in a good mental space all day. It also makes breakfast afterward all the more tasty 🙂

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