Making Peace with What Is

For the past month or so, I’ve gotten to go back to the cafe, where I have been wont to go for quite a long time and “bliss out.” This generally involves me sitting there for several hours, writing in a notebook, often while listening to empowering recordings (most often Abraham-hicks), and reading.

It’s been a wonderful thing to be able to return to this beloved spot. I routinely get good thinking done and enjoy myself while I am there. Yet now, due to health concerns, restaurants are being ordered to close their indoor seating for the time being. Since I generally like to sit indoors at the cafe, I went one last time today, intending to make peace with altered circumstances.

At first, this didn’t happen. I was rather messed up about the whole situation. My head was screaming, “This sucks! I don’t want this sh*t.” When I did some journaling, it occurred to me that I was getting upset because I was attaching to circumstances that I couldn’t change, namely the indoor seating at the cafe not being available. Despite there being nothing I could do about it, I was letting the circumstances bother me.

That’s the problem with attaching to circumstances: eventually, those circumstances will change, and they won’t ask you what you think about it. This of course happens all the time, so expecting circumstances not to change–or only to change the way we want them to—is a recipe for unhappiness.

Last time I checked, it seems to be a common human practice. Go figure!

As I sat there today and realized what was going on, I immediately relaxed. The light of clarity hit me, and I started to look at the situation from a different point of view.

First of all, earlier this year, I spent numerous months not going to the cafe, since we were all on lockdown. I read and wrote and did my thing at home. I started running more often as a way to get out and ensure mental well-being. I might have preferred greater freedom and flexibility, but things nonetheless worked pretty well.

So they will work again.

Secondly, this as an opportunity to be UNCONDITIONALLY aligned. I can say to myself, “I’m going to make the best of this situation. I know that I have the power to feel good no matter what the conditions. This puts the power squarely in me, and I like this!”

Finally, I can look forward to when I get to go back to the cafe the way I want to.

So yeah, I might miss the cafe for awhile. But I will be fine.

I always am.

Because I am making peace with what is šŸ™‚

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