Day 249: Pick Projects that Align With You

It’s a funny thing about being aligned: you seem to easily and effortlessly accomplish things. I can look at this blog, for example, and when I see that I have done two-hundred and forty eight consecutive days of blogging going into today, I know logically that this is a feat of consistency. It may not break the Cal Ripken Jr. record for most games in a row played, but at the same time, it’s definitely a bit out of the ordinary to stick to a blog that long. I realize that.

What I think has made this really work is that I picked a project that a) truly suits me and that b) I was ready to undertake. In fact, I set up parameters back on Day One that spelled this out:

  • there was no single topic I had to write about; I could write about whatever I wanted.
  • there were no specifications on length or quality or format other than that I needed to post every day.

As I wrote back then,

It is about forcing myself, in perhaps the easiest way i know how, to get out of my own way when it comes to writing, and share stuff!

My Happiness Obsession 365 Day Blogging Project, Day 1

I have followed this plan quite enthusiastically and with overall great ease because this project truly aligns with me. If it didn’t, I would not be here at Day 249…. er, maybe it is possible that I could have gotten this far, but it would not be fun.

I like to think that the new, current me would not undertake such a project if it didn’t truly align. In the past, I’ve done many personal discipline tests coming from a place of “should,” or from trying to measure up, or believing someone else’s opinion instead of digging to find my own. These rewarded me in many ways… usually through the pain of ignoring my own preferences.

I also have undertaken many a creative project that wasn’t a true fit but which sounded like a great idea, or lit up my ego, or fit the image of myself that most excited me at the moment. None of these things ever worked.

On other other hand, there are other things that truly align with me that I’m pretty awesome at. They call that “finding your genius.” I call it that, and I also call it finding alignment. Find what fits you. Be who you are really are. Find your “niche.” But what is that?

Professionally speaking, I have learned that finding your niche means: do what you enjoy doing, do what you are good at doing, and do what other people value.

When you have got all three, you’ve got it made!


That is just one example of what I’m talking about here. Going back to my 365 Day Blogging Project and connecting the dots a bit more: the topics I choose here are interesting to me, and the writing format is something I’m good at. Now, as for the value in the marketplace, again, this is a personal project, so satisfying the first two, that I’m passionate about it and that I’m good at it, have been enough.

Bottom line is, pick projects that align with you! You will be happier, more successful… and soon enough you will be at Day 249 as well, or Day 2490, or Day 24,900 and you won’t even have noticed.

Because you were just doing what you wanted to do anyway

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