Day 248: Looking under the vibrational hood…

As I have written numerous times in recent months, I have taken to mining the good-feeling subjects for clues on this whole Law of Attraction thing. More specifically, I just really want to get all the areas of my life to feel really good šŸ˜‰ I am learning a ton about how this process works by examining my thoughts and feelings closely.

So let’s look “under the hood” at a few current “positive” areas to see what’s going on vibrationally:

Playing for musicals: Here’s how I think about this area…“I’m really awesome at this. I have done many plays, I have led the pit band multiple times, I have taught the actors their music, I am comfortable as the musical director and coach, I love not only teaching the cast but also offering words of wisdom about performance and helping the actors get ready. I also just love going through the experience of putting on a play with others. There’s really nothing quite like it.”

Analysis: Well, obviously this area goes well. I feel a lot of confidence, there’s a sense of mastery and freedom, as well as wonder and appreciation for the process. Definitely joy and ease.

Doing solo piano shows: “I am quite experienced at this, I have had so many good experiences with audiences, big and small, especially smaller groups 20-50, house parties and close-knit type events with a community. I also know a lot of music from different eras, and I play my own music. So I have a lot of options. Sometimes I wish I would expand to more ambitious venues and shows, to really ‘make the most’ of my creative abilities, and maybe that will happen, meanwhile, I make the best of what I am already doing.”

Analysis: In this area, there is definitely also a sense of confidence and clarity, a sense of fun and adventure. There is also a bit of pining for “something more,” but an appreciation for what I am at so far.

Improvising piano music: I’m basically completely awesome at this. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m world class. I’m just great at improv. Now I just want to fully utilize this area for creative productivity and fulfillment.

Analysis: Ha. Okay, obviously I have a lot of confidence in this area! Looking to make the most of it.

Sight-reading (piano music): I’m very good at this. I’m professional-grade. Okay, maybe I sometimes wish I could instantly play anything I want. There’s a lot of music I need to work at in order to get it. On the other hand, I have a lot of confidence that I can pretty much work out any music given to me, if not instantly, with some time to work on it.

Analysis: There’s definitely confidence here, maybe not the towering level as for improvising, but a sense of solid ability. Maybe a little bit of regret or comparing myself. It’s kind of like my childhood fantasy of being a speed reader, I was always comparing my own reading with speed readers, as if faster is always better.

Okay, now for something non-musical:

Washing dishes (at home): Ok, so maybe this is not the most exciting thing in the world, but I really don’t mind it. It’s just something that needs to get done. Frankly, it’s satisfying to get it done, because it brings order and cleanliness to the kitchen, and therefore, to my mind. I like calm, I like order, I like the idea of my space being neat and tidy.

Analysis: Yeah, I’ve known for awhile that doing dishes tends to be relaxing to me. It’s also nice because it’s an instant way to get something tangible done very quickly and reliably.

Weird as it feels to talk about some of this, I figure that continuing to examine my current mental attitude will help me better understand how the Law of Attraction works. Tonight I’m getting ffurther confirmation that in the areas where I’m “strong” there’s a direct correlation with my attitude and the results.

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