Day 227: After the Ecstasy…

You know how when you have an awesome experience, where everything just works great, sometimes going “back” to your life afterward, where everything else isn’t automatically so transcendent, can be annoying!? It’s like a book title I heard by Buddhist Teacher Jack Kornfield: “After the Ecstasy… the Laundry.” I have repeatedly thought of that title in my life.

And I’m thinking of it today a bit. Today is the day after the “big day,” that is, the day of my triumphant half marathon run. For many people, yesterday was probably just another St. Patrick’s Day. Yet for me, running that half marathon was a milestone: I ran well, and I felt great, both before and after. I was proud to share a live feed of my race progress to some family and friends (this is something I had never done before). In fact, I was so easy-going about it I called my wife while I was on the run… 3 times. (Also something I had never done before. And yes, the picture of me on the phone is one of those calls!).

This morning, I did some writing at the nearby cafe where I like to go. At first I was celebrating yesterday’s win. This felt really good. Eventually, though I hit on a subject that didn’t feel nearly as good. In fact, it was more upsetting than anything. It’s a subject I am going to continue to smooth out, in search of a satisfying way to think about it. Yet this morning I think I was a bit impatient after the joy and ease of the half marathon.

Being in a sweet spot, accomplishing something that matters to you, and seeing yourself grow into a expanded person as a result, don’t you just want everything in your life to immediately follow suit and be that great? And I think it will in time, because I am committed to this happening. I keep looking for reasons to be satisfied. The momentum is gathering.

Funny thing. Even though before yesterday I would have said I loved running, I was still surprised by how well things went. It goes to show that there are always new levels of satisfaction possible.

I’m just gonna keep unearthing it.

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