Day 176: Another awesome gig

Many of my posts focus around satisfaction and alignment. I am on a quest to align myself with my bliss as much as possible in life, to do things I love doing, and to experience joy each and every day. These days, every time something good happens, I pay a lot of attention to it, because I prefer to milk it for all its worth to find out how I can get more of that good feeling.

Today I did a gig that felt incredible. I am teaching the music to high school students for a musical. I went four days this week to help them, spending a total of nineteen hours since Wednesdays (or about 1/4 of my waking time in the past four days, not an insignificant amount). Today’s rehearsal finished up an intense and successful week of teaching music to a dedicated, enthusiastic cast.

In thinking through the experience, here is what I am present to:

  • Satisfaction. It’s very satisfying knowing that I am doing a good job, helping these kids, and accomplishing what I was brought in to accomplish, which is to get them prepared for their performance in March.
  • Bliss. I love music, live for music, and obviously have dedicated my life to it. So getting to share the joy of music making with others, and in musical theater, which I especially love… delightful!
  • Alignment. I feel like I’m really being the person I was meant to be, sharing the gifts I wish to give, and being where I want to be.
  • Reciprocity. I appreciate the give-and-take between myself and the students and teachers there. There’s a great back-and-forth energy, where I both give and receive inspiration.
  • Generosity. It’s a lot of fun being of service, sharing my gifts in a way that is appreciated. The more I give in this way, the more I get in return. A very satisfying feedback loop occurs.
  • Enthusiasm. I had a lot of fun, and I’m eager for more fun times like this!

So, in creating this list, I am appreciating just how right-on this activity has been. It reminds me of a post I did a few months ago about playing piano at a country club. These days, I’m always fascinated when I sense that I am in the zone. I’m eager to do more things that put me there!

Obviously, it seems that performing in an environment I enjoy are big pieces of the puzzle. More of that please!

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2 Thoughts to “Day 176: Another awesome gig”

  1. George Michael Goslow

    A wonderful post, Chris. It says so much about who you are. I am so proud to be your father. Love, Dad

    1. Chris

      Thank you Dad!

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