Day 91: Thoughts on Tonight’s “In the Zone” Piano Gig

So I played piano tonight at a very nice place in Sacramento.  It was basically a cocktail hour type situation where people could have drinks and converse.  I played the role of lounge pianist I guess, something I have done from time to time.  I wasted no time getting into the zone, and I played a great variety of music, from Frank Sinatra era standards to Peter Frampton’s “Baby I Love Your Way,” from The Beatles “Yesterday” to Green Day.  This kind of gig is in my wheelhouse: I improvise the entire time and sometimes use a lead sheet for some reminders of the chords and/or melody.  I attempted to play to the audience a bit: one woman said she liked jazz, so I did more standards, someone else said how much they loved the classic rock, so I rolled that out.  I just let loose and play, very comfortable and satisfied.  I have done so many gigs like this for so long that I am quite comfortable and can basically not care how the audience responds.

Well, what do you know, this worked like a charm.  People clapped for me all night, told me how much they enjoyed it, and my relaxed two-hour performance went swimmingly.   No one busted out and started singing or dancing, but one woman said she was singing along quietly as she listened.  Even the bartender and the waiters told me how much they enjoyed it.

None of this really surprises me, because it’s pretty much always like this.   However, as I have been looking a lot at the principles of Law of Attraction and Satisfaction in this blog, I think it’s worth reflecting on what is working here 🙂  (And I need a post topic… and this will do!)

First, who I was being:  before I left for the gig, I was enthused and relaxed, joking around with my wife and clearly in a good mood.  Other than a little bit of stress navigating through Friday evening traffic, I was calm and eager to go in there and do my thing.  My thoughts about the gig:  “This is going to be fun, this is easy and fun for me, are you kidding?  Bring it on!”  So I was confident, easy-going, adventurous, open, and ready to go.

Seems pretty clear to me that this would translate well!

It’s funny, sometimes I can spend so much time thinking through these principles, but when I’m fully in the zone like I was tonight, it just seems so natural, I don’t even feel like examining it.  Believe me, I would not be thinking this through if it weren’t for this blog post.  All in all, it is kind of nice to be reminded of the value of doing what is easy and effortless, you know?  The things that one is really good at.

Worked like a charm tonight for me!

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