Day 267: I Did That!

These days, I am doing my best to take credit for everything that happens in my life. Yes, everything. That means the good and the “bad,” er, what I might interpret as bad. In other words, if it feels good, well, congrats to me, because that is something I let in. If it doesn’t feel good, well, I let that in, too. Either way, I did that!

By lightening up about the “bad” stuff, I am freeing up energy to create what I want because I’m not taking it all so seriously. That’s key. It’s better to lighten up. Soothing is solving, after all So I might think something like this:

“Okay, so I created something that doesn’t feel good. Yeah, it sorta sucks. Yes, ok I did that. And it’s ok. I am where I am. And I am still worthy of all good things. I am a powerful creator, and I shall re-focus. Right at this moment I am in the midst of creating something new, something that feels better. I am learning from my past creations. They are clarifying what I want. This is very good.”

As I reframe the “bad stuff” in a more positive light, I lessen the resistance. Rather than making things worse with self-judgment, I am making peace with where I am. Surprise, surprise: it helps! I lightly lean in the direction of what I want, and I affirm that it is coming. I am being easy about the process, affirming that good things are happening, that I am a better place now, that I am capable and empowered. This frees up space to create something new.

It is a beautiful, powerful process. And it is working!

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