Day 213: Soothing Is Solving

“Soothing is solving.”

This is something Abraham said when we see them a few weeks ago. I did not remember hearing this expression before. I wrote it numerous times in my notebook as I sat in the event room at the hotel.

“Soothing is solving.”

I like this, I thought to myself. As Abraham explains, we humans have such a tendency to try to “solve” everything with action. This is fine when the action is inspired. All too often it is not. Instead, it’s okay not to try so hard. It’s ok to soothe yourself.

This morning, my wife and I went to the gym, I to run on the treadmill, she to go swimming. Initially wasn’t in a great headspace. When I got on the treadmill, I forgot the stretching I usually do. As I started running I felt tight. But I knew I could reach for a clearer mind. I started saying this mantra to myself over and over: “Soothing is solving, soothing is solving, soothing is solving.”

It worked. I started to relax. I felt my monkey mind loosen its grip, as I experienced the satisfying feeling of relief.

“Soothing is solving” means I don’t need to fix anything right now. I don’t need to do anything great right now. There is time. I can relax. There’s nothing wrong right now. I can just chill. All will be well.

The thing is, when you are calm, you are more receptive. You are more open to inspiration. Before long, a good idea will come to you. So soothe yourself, take a nap, pet the cat, play a video game, take a walk, watch a movie. No need to take on the world right now.

“Soothing is solving” is contrary to the “work hard” philosophy most of us have been taught. Kids don’t work hard. They play. I remember when I learned to “work hard” at my studies. Sure, I was willing to sit there long hours and focus. But it sucked. It was hard, not fun. I resisted it initially. Then I made myself do it anyway. After all, I’m good at focusing. I also like learning and doing good work. Plus I wanted to please the teacher.

It still sucked.

“Soothing is solving” helps resolve the confusion. Life can be fun. It can be about enjoyment. By and large, nowadays I do the things I want to do. I do the things I enjoy. If I notice myself suffering through something, I ask myself, “What is going on here?” I look for clues. I aim to find clarity and lean in a new direction that feels better.

I’m lightening up. I’m taking on “soothing is solving.”

It’s not so hard. I don’t need to rush things.

The answer will come.

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