Day 199: Takeaways From Seeing Abraham (Part 1)

Two days ago, my wife, mother, and myself saw Abraham-Hicks live here in Sacramento. Abraham comes in the guise of Esther Hicks, a very nice woman who travels around and broadcasts online channelling of “Abraham,” a collective consciousness full of wisdom and insight that appeals to New Age spiritual types like myself.* We had an excellent time. I thought I would write down some of my favorite things they said and what it means to me:

What IS slows down what is BECOMING.

Abraham-Hicks, 2/11/23, Sacramento, CA

What this means to me:

Abraham talks a lot about what they call, rather mockingly, “What-is-itis,” that is, the human tendency to focus on what we’ve already got, , even when it is unwanted. People may want something different in their life, but the tendency to keep focused on what they are already getting tends to perpetuate it. Abraham said, “Focusing on the situation you’ve got gets you more of the situation you’ve got.” To me, this explains why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the miserable get miserabler, and the happy get happier! We humans tend to be what Abraham calls “Knee-jerkers,” that is, we have a knee jerk reaction to focus primarily on what is already manifested in our lives, even when that is not what we actually want. As the Bible verse said, “To he who hath, more shall be given.”

People who follow their dreams can achieve remarkable things. Abraham always emphasizes the power we have to attract what we want with our focus. In order to do that, we need to take our focus off what we’ve got, unless what we’ve got is already what we want! Instead, focus on what you want, to talk about how you want things to be, and take that mental leap towards your desires, your goals, your dreams. That is how you manifest them šŸ™‚

It really is time for your to cash in your vibrational chips.

Abraham-Hicks, 2/11/23, Sacramento, CA

What this means to me:

During the seminar, Abraham said something like, “Your vibrational nest egg is ready when you are.” Both this and the quote above, to me, are all about how easy it is for us to have what we want when we allow ourselves to receive. That’s really the key. You need to be in a happy place, an open place, where you feel worthy of what you want. That’s when you are more likely to let it in. Being in a high state of inspiration and happiness, appreciation, love, or contentment set the tone for us to draw the things we want to us. When we do this, we set ourselves up to “cash in our chips.”

Words don’t teach, evidence does…. It’s time for you to create some different evidence.

Abraham-Hicks, 2/11/23, Sacramento, CA

I often hear Abraham say this, although more commonly I’ve heard, “Words don’t teach, experience does.” To me this has been very helpful. It reminds me that spewing out ideas to people who aren’t ready to hear them doesn’t work. I have tried to “help” people who weren’t asking for what I had to offer. It always sucked! I love this idea that “words don’t teach” because it reminds me to hold my tongue, and let go of trying to get other people to see what I see.

As for the evidence part, I love the idea of attracting evidence of what I want, instead of evidence of what I don’t want. This is similar to the first quote: people have a tendency to look at what has already manifested, calling it “reality.” But what you focus on, you attract. People have a choice on what they focus on. Since we are the ones doing the attracting, Abraham encourages us to attract evidence that pleases us, instead of evidence that does not! Sounds pretty sensible to me.

If you watch water boil, first it will be cold water, then it will get hotter, then hotter, then hotter still. Then hotter still. Then hotter! Until finally it is boiling water. This is how your focus works. Be steady in your focus, and what you want will manifest. It’s as simple as boiling water!

Interpreted from Abraham-Hicks, 2/11/23, Sacramento, CA

What this means to me:

First of all, I am restating what I got out of this segment, rather than the actual words used. Abraham spoke about Esther watching water come to a boil, much in the matter I described, a little hotter at a time until–voila– it is no longer normal water, but instead boiling water. Abraham suggested this as a good way to look at manifesting. While the water is getting warm, it still looks pretty normal. It looks like “not boiling water.” Finally it becomes boiling water. It finally manifests. And that only happens if you are steady in your focus, and not contradicting it with resistant thought. In other words, you keep the heat on the water, and soon enough, it boils.

To paraphrase what they also said at this point, “How do you know if you are steady in your focus? If you feel good, then Yes! If you don’t feel so good, then you are not.” So the key is to hold steady on focusing on what you want, and not on the lack of it.

I love it!

*Do I sound like I’m judging myself? Sorry. I am probably a little self-conscious writing about this. Yes, even here in the safe space that is my blog. Plus, I think that label “new age spiritual type,” while rather one-dimensional, is probably somewhat accurate šŸ™‚

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