Day 238: How to Change Vibrational Momentum?

Okay, so let’s say there’s something in your life that you really, really want. It is in an area where you have experienced difficulty in the past. You want so badly for this part of your life to be in a place of total happiness, empowerment, ease, and joy. You just want to be able to have it already, you know what I mean? You want to push the magic button and–abracadabra!– the past is cleared away and instant happiness ensues.

The thing is, it doesn’t work like that. When you think of a subject, because of the Law of Attraction, that topic already has a vibrational signature, a momentum based on how you have been thinking of that topic in the past. If you have been in the habit of feeling good when you think of something, you are likely in the receiving mode of what you want. This discussion isn’t even needed, because you are already using the Law of Attraction to serve you. On the other hand, if you feel bad when you think of something you actually do want, you are likely blocking that thing from coming to you, or from coming to you in the easiest, most joyful way.

This might sound overly-simplified, but the fact is, a topic isn’t merely that topic, at least not in its relationship to how we experience it in our lives. That topic is impacted by our activated thoughts and emotions that come with thinking of that topic. For instance, the topic of “love” brings up many other related topics, each with their own strong momentum: worthiness (or feeling lack of), past experiences (good or bad), family dynamics (good or bad), communication with others (good or bad!), and our very sense of identity.

If someone has a problematic relationship with the word “love,” it could have to do with the messy stew of mixed emotions the word brings up for them. When they hear the word “love,” does it bring up accompanying feelings of disappointment, of anger, of worry, of sadness, or regret? In that case, it could be said that it is not “love” that is being activated, but a messy hodge hodge like this: “Love/disappointment/anger/worry/sadness/regret.”

That is surely a mixed bag! As much as that person may want or believe in love, they may have other thoughts and beliefs that attract an inconsistent experience or even the perception of love’s absence.


On the other hand, if someone consistently feels good when they think of “love,” it is likely it conjures up pleasant emotions and thoughts. Does “love” bring up feelings of appreciation, of anticipation, of inspiration, or of mushy good feelings of well-being? If so, “love” is really a good-feeling hodge hodge: “love/appreciation/anticipation/joy/inspiration/well-being.” Someone who feels this way surely experiences a steady, secure flow of love in their life!

Going back to where I started, if there’s an area of life you want to transform to a good-feeling place where there currently isn’t one, getting what you want is complicated by the vibrational momentum you already have active. If you really, really want to get your financial life together, for instance, but the topic of money gives you the shakes, make you feel unworthy, or sends you running away with overwhelm, achieving your financial aspirations will be difficult while strong negative emotions run the show when you think of the topic of money.

It is not easy to change one’s long practiced habit of thoughts, especially when trying to “work on” the subject may just result in you adding to the negative momentum the subject has activated around it. What is an aspiring vibrational master to do?

Believe me, I’ve been there. My progress in certain areas sometimes feels like it proceeds at a glacial pace. Nonetheless, I am better than ever at activating what feels good, even in areas that were challenging before. I generally do this by changing the subject, withdrawing my attention from areas that don’t feel good, and focusing instead on what does feel good.

In fact, this blog’s existence is directly related to this discussion, since I discovered I could write a daily blog post more easily than I could accomplish other projects I sweated over for years. In those cases I had beliefs that complicated and interfered with me accomplishing my stated goals. My own mixed vibration made for a bumpy ride. On the other hand, I can consistently write a blog post and share it with relative ease. And so I do.

In summary, the topics we care about already have an established momentum. Whether we experience joy and ease in those areas or the opposite, it is wise to accept that the vibration is where it is right now. It is unlikely we can instantly change those ugly ducklings into beautiful swans! Instead, by activating our thoughts of what is working, what is satisfying, what fills us with a sense of worthiness and joy, and by consciously focusing on what feels like the presence of what we want–not its absence–we get the powerful Law of Attraction rolling in our favor.

If we keep it up, the sky’s the limit!

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