Day 230: Sharing Something Real

We are at Day 230. That means a mere 135 more days of this blogging project 🙂

This time through the 365 days, once again it’s been pretty easy to maintain my daily posting. Sometimes I really enjoy myself! For example, I loved doing yesterday’s post. I felt energized afterward. There are posts I’m not as excited about, but at the very least, I always feel satisfied a) to get the post done, and b) that I’m sharing something positive. The positivity part is key: when I put my mind to do a blog post, it gives me an opportunity to get present and open myself up to something constructive to say. This feels good, and is the only way I’d have it.

When I started my 365 Day Blogging Project long ago, I instinctively knew that it would be good for me to reach for the “low hanging fruit” of a personal blog. I wanted freedom and flexibility. I wanted to do something constructive, and I wanted to enjoy myself doing it. I wanted a break from trying to do “big” things, which just confused and scared me. This blog was manageable.

And so it still is. Tonight I sit here for a few minutes and can be satisfied that I’ve written another post. This may not exactly be the height of inspiration, but it still counts. At least I’m am sharing something real.

And that’s what this is all about.

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