Day 227: What I Love About My Blog, an ABC Game (N-Z)

Here’s a continuation of yesterday’s whimsical post, in which I listed things I love about my blog in alphabetical order, and why. We start with N:

What I Love About My Blog:

  • Not Having to be Perfect or Consistent. Like choosing “not” for N instead of an actual noun. 😉
  • Opportunity. Every post is an opportunity that may end in satisfaction, clarification, and joy.
  • Positivity. I deliberately endeavor to keep the tone of my blog positive. This is what I am more comfortable with, and it is a satisfying way to leave a trail of “digital bread crumbs.”
  • Quality Questions. This blog is based on asking myself quality questions such as, “What do I enjoy in my life that I can write about?” and “What satisfies me?”
  • Resonance. I was inspired to use this word, though I’m not sure I’ve used it on this blog before. To me, resonance evokes the topic of vibrational alignment, which is essentially what this blog is about: finding resonance with what makes me happy.
  • Satisfaction. I love expressing myself, and I am more selective about what I blog about than, say, in a personal diary. Choosing the topics I discuss as well as the words I use can be quite satisfying.
  • Thinking. Writing is essentially thinking, a practice I treasure greatly.
  • Utility. There’s a practical utility to this blog, which is that I get to continually focus my attention on creating something each day. This is good for my mind and focus.
  • Vision. A personal blog is a like an ongoing personal vision statement. “This is what I think” and “this is how I feel” and “this is who I am.”
  • Wonder. This blog gives me a chance to express my wonder at life, which comes out in a variety of ways, whether I’m thinking about a topic I’m interested in, or relating an experience I had.
  • Being eXtraordinary. Again, I’m coloring out of the lines with my word choice, but the fact is, I do feel there is something extraordinary about maintaining this blog the way I do.
  • Yes. This is the universal term for expansion, creativity, and the Law of Attraction. To paraphrase Abraham, “The Universe only hears Yes.” Have question? The answer’s yes.
  • Zaniness. Okay, may this is a stretch, but Z is not the easiest letter to find appropriate abstract nouns! I appreciate how I get to be my weird, dorky, nerdy, strange, unusual, eccentric, zany self on this blog 🙂

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