Day 226: What I Love About My Blog, An ABC Game (A-M)

So it’s 11:12pm at night and I have nothing to lose and I would like to go through the alphabet (from A to Z) listing what I love about my blog! Tonight we will go to M:

What I Love About My Blog:

  • Appreciation: It gives me a chance to write about things I appreciate.
  • Boldness: To me there’s something bold about doing a personal blog at all, not to mention writing a post everyday for a year.
  • Creativity: A daily post gig definitely gives me many chances to be creative as I come up with ideas to share
  • Deadline: There’s something about the deadline of having a daily blog post that I have found quite effective in my blogging process.
  • Expression: There’s no doubt about it, one of the primary benefits of this blog is personal expression.
  • Follow-Through: Blogging, especially the 365 Day Blogging Project, has grown my personal sense of integrity and follow-through.
  • Generosity: I believe there’s a certain generosity inherent in sharing our thoughts with others. Sure, it may not always be received as such. But I do aim to give my posts redeeming value, at the very least in the generosity of spirit in my being authentic.
  • Humility: It isn’t always that glamorous writing a daily blog, but it has done a lot to innoculate me from the fear of rejection. I have grown by standing by this project even if it wasn’t getting “acclaim” or “popularity.” To me there’s humility in that.
  • Independence: There can be no doubt that one of the primary draws of doing a personal blog is that I call the shots 🙂
  • Joy: There’s joy in creation, there’s joy in expression, there’s joy in blogging!
  • Kindness: This blog has accompanied me on my happiness journey as I have learned to be kinder especially to myself.
  • Love: I have been on a journey of self-love for all my adulthood. This blog has been a natural extension of that journey.
  • Meaning: I love exploring topics that interest me and learning about myself. Having a blog has proven a great way to make sense of myself and my life.

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