Day 214: An Enjoyable Day

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was the kind of day I was relieved to “get through.” However, this morning as I lay in bed I already felt good about today.

The morning started in routine fashion. I had breakfast and listened to an online course on film scoring. The instructor recommended, a site where one can download old films and TV shows. This is great for film composers who want practice scoring for film. I got excited as I went onto the website and quickly found a film short–an episode of 1944 Captain American serial– and spent the next few hours happily working on an orchestral score for it using Logic Pro.

I find it notable how the good state I woke up in matched perfectly with the day I ended up having. Starting out, my attitude was “Okay, let’s do something!” I was open and enthused. Yesterday I wrote about “Soothing is solving.” This seems to have helped me pave the way for a happy, aligned day today.

Chris, this is great. This is called receptivity. You were receptive, and then you got a good idea and things flowed easily and enjoyably.


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