Day 196: Tonight’s Appreciations

Once again, I turn to appreciations as a convenient (and enjoyable) way to write a blog post.

Things I’m Appreciating

  • That I can write a blog post based on the simple premise of listing things I’m appreciating 🙂
  • That I cleared my mind tonight for tomorrow’s trip to see Abraham-Hicks live (we went once before, this time my mom is coming as well). I listened to a wonderful recorded meditation by Joe Dispenza, which totally helped clear my mind. It needed it.
  • My exercise life. I ran three times this week for thirty minutes. I also swam three times for thirty minutes. Got encouraging words from the chiropractor I am seeing, and next week I get to run for forty minutes each time… woo hoo
  • My Improv Comedy class graduation last night. Taking comedy improv for the first time in a few years. I performed on stage with seven other students. The crowd laughed a lot, and was plentiful enough to make it feel like a real show. Personally, I had a blast. I was filled up with joy afterwards. It was a great, abundant feeling that reminds me of how I felt after the private piano show I did a few weeks ago.
  • Being clear about who I am, with an empowered sense of self. Knowing that all I need to do is seek alignment, and I will continue attracting positive experiences and having a fun life journey.

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