Day 185: Blissing Out at the Cafe (2023 Edition)

For years now, I have loved going to the cafe to write. These days I do my best to time it so I can maximize my positive experience. I aim to go there when I am in a positive, receptive state. When I’m there, I like to sort of “prime the pump” of positivity, you might say, as I listen to inspirational talks on my phone,* write positive statements of what I am appreciating, receive inspiration, and basically, practice put myself into a really good state. That is a primary reason for going there.**

Today was one of those “bliss out” days I like so much. Again, I waited until the timing felt right. I wanted to go yesterday, but I just wasn’t in a clear head space. I am glad I waited, because this morning was perfect: I spent my time basking in appreciation for the gig I had over the weekend. Saturday’s event had the qualities that make performing a joy: a warm, personal atmosphere; a receptive and appreciative audience who were inspired by my music-making (actually, it was just two people, a man surprising his wife for her birthday with a high-class catered meal*** and me as piano entertainment); and the chance to play great music.

I wrote beforehand I thought the gig would go well, and indeed it did. There is almost nothing sweeter than playing a great gig for appreciative people. I came home on Saturday night knowing that I wanted to revel in the experience, to do exactly what I did today at the cafe: write at length about what I loved so much about the event. Because while Saturday’s event was satisfying in itself, the chance to stop and write about it helped me get clear on why it was so amazing, what made it a match for me, and what exactly are the qualities I want more of (ie appreciation, good friends, and positive welcoming environment).

In a way, the chance to write about the experience helped make the experience even better. At the end of the day, it’s this experience of focusing on things that feel good is what draws me back to the cafe again and again.

Because after all, what you focus on grows 😉

*ie Abraham Hicks.

**A second reason to go there is to think through some situation in life. It’s not always as fun, but it helps me get clear on decisions or plans to be made.

**Shout out to Chef Stephanie!

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