Day 183: Your Receiving Matches Your Transmission

As I was writing the other day, I am continually looking at how our thoughts match up with our experience. Today I picked up another way of looking at it, courtesy of Abraham-Hicks: your receiving matches your transmission. In other words, what you give off is what you are likely to receive back.

Everyday we have the opportunity to look at how our thoughts and feelings match the experience we are attracting. For example, today I have been getting ready for a gig, playing through some classical music I have performed in the past. It was satisfying to play through the pieces, to go in that direction of classical musician for the first time in awhile. I was energized and inspired.

Also, I was deeply focused. I received a call from someone who wants to work with me, and a text from a friend. In both cases, I decided to hold off on replying. I wanted to stay focused on the task at hand. I was enjoying myself so there was no reason to interrupt my flow. Similarly, it happens that my wife is out for the day hanging with a friend, so I have the place to myself. Circumstances are cooperating to help me get ready for tonight’s gig. Furthermore, my attitude is positive: I am open, appreciative, and enthused.

To me, all of these things suggest that tonight’s experience will be a positive one. I am looking at the indicators, both in my mood and my reaction to circumstances. If I am receiving back what I’m giving off, things are going well. Since we are always emitting some vibe, some mood, some attitude, I appreciate noticing when I am in alignment with a positive attitude.

With that, wish me luck for tonight!

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