Day 171: Back in the Saddle…

I wrote on my last post that I was going to take a break from blogging for a few days over Christmas weekend.

It’s been over three weeks.

I’ve had a mostly-satisfying break. In fact, my flexibility with myself is part of the beauty of this blog. I have started and stopped it many times. I have let myself change my mind, I have come up with ideas that didn’t pan out. Sometimes I have labelled the days of my blog, sometimes I have not! Last Summer I started sharing my recent compositions from Soundcloud. Before that I never had, though in the past I often shared rhymes, poetry, or rhymey-poems.

I have always allowed this blog to evolve and morph and twist and turn. As it turns out, the past few weeks were ideal for taking a blogging break, seeing as how

  • holiday vacation = good time to check out and regroup
  • winter storms caused electricity outages for several days in the New Year
  • the little matter of my websites (including this one) being down* for two weeks 🙁
  • saying no and letting myself change plans has sort of been my thing of late and has been beneficial, since said plans were not a hell yes for me anyway.

It feels like a brave act to take up the mantel once again.

I am in the middle of another 365 day blogging project and have every intention of finishing. So off we go!**

*Alas, through my own neglect, my web hosting lapsed, causing this blog, my teaching site, and two artist websites to be taken off line. I was quite slow to take action, and finally got my sites restored yesterday.

**It is helping the current 365 day effort to let myself pause blogging (which so far I did here and here), instead of being attached to finishing on a certain date.

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