The Prodigal Son Returneth (Version 2.0)

A few years ago I wrote a post called “The Prodigal Son Returneth.” At the time, I hadn’t blogged for nearly 8 months, so the title suggested a sort of mock-guilty confessional tone, not uncommon in my rather anxious early days of blogging.

The current pause has not been nearly as long–a more one month and about twenty days. Yet the title seemed fitting for this post, not my first time returning after blogging break!

I have decided to do a daily blog post throughout the month of November. As I suggested it would in my previous post, a creative project took up my attention for the last couple of months. In fact, I wrote music for a play! An entire score, for a play of “Frankenstein” produced at Franklin High in Elk Grove! (Check out these YouTube videos: Original Piano Music for “Frankenstein,” How I wrote the music for “Frankenstein,” and our “Frankenstein” Good Day TV Segment).

This project was completely awesome, and, as I expected, it was very nice to take a break from writing this blog every day. It was very nice, in fact, to be able to give my attention completely to writing the music for “Frankenstein.”

Believe it or not, I feel that the process of posting on this blog actually helped me with the music writing. I was so used to shipping something everyday, so used to putting something out without questioning it, this helped me in the composition process. To be fair, writing the “Frankenstein” music was exciting, I was highly motivated and would have been so either way, but coming off the blog project, the music writing project seemed a fitting substitute. And blogging every single day for a year did not hurt my ability to get to work!

I am enthused to get back to blogging, at least for the month, and go from there. Over the past few days, numerous blogging ideas have been brimming in my mind, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

It’s good to be back!

Side note: after extensive thought about it (which seemed kind of silly, but then again, I can be silly), I have decided to stop numbering my daily entries. It doesn’t seem to make much sense after taking a pause for nearly two months. I can always start numbering them again later if I like! And I truly doubt it will make much difference to people reading 😉 (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

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