Day 397: Exercising My Right to Press Pause

I’ve decided to pause this daily blog at least for the time being. I alluded to the possibility of changing things up back when I started year two a month ago:

I am aware that, while the first 365 Day Blog project was overall quite enjoyable and beneficial, it is possible that, during the process of repeating it, I could get tired of it. Or circumstances could change for me around my writing and creativity. If Round Two stops being fun or practical to do, I reserve the right to re-think doing it.

Day 366: On Your Marks, Get Set, Begin!

My experience in the first year was so positive that I decided afterward to give it another try. The 365 Day Project was by far the most satisfying, the most fun and rewarding online project I have done. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I hardly think this is broke. But it may be time to open up to something new. Here are the reasons I’m going to take a pause (you could say hiatus) for the time being:

  1. Recently I have been feeling that I have been repeating myself in some of my posts. This has been unsatisfying, and it makes me wonder…
  2. Perhaps I have accomplished what the 365 Day Project was meant to accomplish. Not only have I completed the full year, and gained all the spiritual, emotional, creative, and personal benefits of doing so, but also, it has given me a chance to write the types of things that I wanted to write, but never had the chance before to do so. Now I have. Which makes me wonder…
  3. Perhaps there is some bigger writing project that awaits me, perhaps adapting some of the material from this blog?? Time will tell. Either way, I now have a rather large repository of material that I could draw from 🙂
  4. I mentioned when I began Year 2 I might re-think things if circumstances change for me around “my writing and creativity.” As it happens, I have a new creative project, composing music for an upcoming high school production of a play. This shall take up my creative time in the next six weeks, and my instinct tells me to pull back so that I can concentrate on it.

Obviously I reserve the right to resume this blog in whatever form feels right when I am inspired to.

In the meantime, Ta Ta for now (but never Goodbye)!

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