“Day Dreaming” (rhyme)

I love daydreaming. It’s so fun.

There are lots of things I have day-dreamed about, and many of them have come true. They continue to come true. I continue to day-dream and it continues to be fun.

Here’s a rhyme about day-dreaming:

What a lovely day dream
No matter how it may seem
I'm doing a great thing
for myself as I gaze deep-

ly toward a far away scene
In my mind. This ain't sleep
though my face beams blankly,  
I'm awake see, having a great think!

Attracting my wishes lazily
Like a child disobeying Teach
Sitting at his desk, his brain keeps
Drifting no matter the days she keeps

Him after class, "This is no way to be!"
She screams, but there's no way she'll reach
Through, he's tuned to a strange beat
A frequency she's afraid to see 

She's rule-bound, he's shame-free
In his mind he's always taking wing
In his mind he gets to play King
Inventing new worlds, a God in training

Can you see the picture I'm painting?
Let's free our minds for creating
Win the championship like a great team
All you gotta do is daydream

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