Day 79: I just let it happen

I’ve been doing the daily composition train for nearly four months, and it is going great as ever.

I just let it happen. I just sit down at my computer, wait for the Logic program to load, set up a few instrumental tracks to work with (generally starting with piano), then I put my fingers down and start playing. Usually my initial improvisation suggests a musical direction. “Oh, this could be jazzy” or “Wow, this sounds kind of dramatic and spooky.” The initial idea is like a beckoning from the white rabbit’s front paw sticking out from below the ground, gesturing for me to follow him down the rabbit hole and see what will happen. Will it be classical? Pop or rock? Maybe it will be a beautiful new melody? Or a big orchestral piece? We will see.

Each day is an adventure. More importantly, each day’s piece begins in this effortless way. When I start I just know that I will have something interesting. At the very least, it will make for a good composition exercise, a chance to try out some different instrument combinations. In that sense, I don’t feel like I can lose. Even if it’s not a piece I love, it still feels like a win.

And it might just be a gem.

Here are some notes from “My Higher Self” on this topic: Chris, you are doing so well with composing, because you trust it completely. You trust yourself completely. You have nothing but a happy, fun, light attitude and you trust the outcome to be enjoyable and educational. This is the key to effortless creation. Congratulations, you are there 🙂

Well, how ’bout that?

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